Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Leaders on Wheels give back

The Leaders on Wheels give back 
to the Montreal Children's Hospital

By Wendy Singer

The Leaders on Wheels (the Mackay Satellite class at Westmount High School of the English Montreal School Board (EMSB)), are committed to giving back to their community. Over the past four years, this class of eight students in wheelchairs has donated over $6,000.00 to the Montreal Children's Hospital (MCH). They are passionate about giving back to the hospital that provided them with excellent care. 

Thanks to an EMSB Entrepreneurial grant, the Leaders were provided with seed money to bake brownies, make a spice rub, and their uniquely delicious BBQ sauce, which they sell year-round. The profits of their sales are donated to the MCH. 

The Leaders presented their cheque in the amount of $2,124.75 to Angelica Maselli, Tribute Program co-ordinator at the MCH Foundation. Leaders on Wheels teacher Rose Sondola requested that the funds be used to purchase one piece of equipment.
The Leaders on Wheels staff and students donate to the MCH.
The Leaders are not only great in the kitchen. They also are fabulous at promoting their products. Watch their promotional video for their spice rub here. 
Teacher Rose Sondola with graduating student Brian at the MCH.

If you are in need of brownies, spice rubs or BBQ sauce, you now know who to call!

Congratulations to the Leaders on Wheels students and staff. We all learn how to support our communities through your example. And now, it is time to take a break from your hard work and enjoy the  summer!

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